It is my birthday today. This time last year, I was celebrating my 60th in Dubai with my immediate family and we had such a wonderful time. This year, I am staying home to celebrate my friend's 60th birthday early next week and I am looking forward to enjoying other people's cooking.

I am quite sure some of you have been wondering about the long silence since the last blog was written what the heck has been happening at Chilli and Spice.

We have been busy. Our Waldorf and Chicken Salads have been a big hit at weddings and small parties. Our clients cannot seem to get enough of it. It is good for our business but we also want you to sample our other delicacies such as Ethnic Stew for Ofada Rice which has generated demand for home deliveries, and our peppered croaker steaks and fresh fish etc. 

Come on down, we are ready to indulge your taste buds. Give us a call +234 805 095 9248 or email:

As June is my special month because of my birthday, all orders placed during this month will receive a 20% discount. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Ciao for now, until the next time I come your way. This time I promise not to be away for long.