We wish our old and new clients a very Happy New Year.  We pray that 2016 will be a year of fulfilment for all of us in every angle and facet of our lives. We truly appreciate your patronage.

We offer a huge thank you to our clients who are helping us to build and shape our business block by block.  2016 started with a huge order for Chilli and Spice to serve 300 helpings of our very popular items from our menu – the iconoclastic Waldorf and the special Chicken salads at Dotun Odugbesan and Kariba Sasegbon’s #kdot2016 engagement party on 2 January which took place at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island. The two salads served in our special salad bowls, an innovation, were very well received and the party guests kept us on our toes asking for second helpings.  One or two guests who came in from another party hoping to eat our salads discovered they had finished. The engagement party was a grand occasion with an overflowing supply of various forms of food and drink, and of course desserts. The packaging of gifts for the bride was a sight to behold; necessitating its own display train.

The judgment on whether any party was a success is dependent upon the quality of the food, and the management of the event.  If the quality of the food is not good, the party is definitely a flop, period! Guests will always remember your party for two things, good food and the service that you offer. Chilli and Spice firmly believe that service at parties is very crucial and you cannot afford to have sloppy waiters and waitresses to wait on your guests. They will bring down the standard of your party.

Our second outing in January was last Sunday, the 10th. Chilli and Spice catered for an Old Boys’ Association (ICOBA 73/75 Set). Our food was well received and enjoyed by all.  On the menu we had:

Fried and Jollof Rice

Fresh Fish Stew

Peppered Croaker Steaks

Peppered Roasted Chicken Parts

Beef Stew

Pasta Bake

Moin Moin

Vegetable medley steamed in honey (Carrots, Cauliflower and fresh Green Peas)

Dodo (fried plantain)

Efo Riro

 For our dessert, we served sponge cake with various flavours of ice creams, and fresh fruit cocktail.

 We prepared food for 50 persons and there was enough left for “take-aways”!


As the Head Chef, I am learning new tips from those who have been in the industry far longer than me and I appreciate the encouragement and support I am receiving from family and friends. It is good to know that all these people have got ”my back” and they believe in what Chilli and Spice is all about. My aunty Mrs Modupe Sagoe has been a tremendous support as my number one client! She has been ordering two large trays of the Waldorf salad on a regular basis and connecting me to various suppliers of good quality food items, making my journey easier.  Thank you very much Ma. You are a rare and true gem!

To my Chief Food Taster and critic (my husband of nearly 37 years!), I appreciate your palate! Chilli and Spice will soon make you our Chairman (or to be politically correct – our Chairperson!)

TJ, you are being missed! No one else prepares the Walnuts like you do O! Please come back soon and take your place on the Board of Chilli and Spice.

Ciao for now


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