Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for visiting our Chilli and Spice website.  Our site is still a work in progress. Bear with us if you experience any problems.

I love cooking and experimenting with different cuisines and ingredients. I just love watching food programmes on TV and also watching friends and relatives doing their cooking.  I have therefore picked up numerous ideas and decided to put these to the test and allow you to taste my various selections. My dishes are a mixture of mainly Nigerian cooking (married to a Nigerian), Zambian (born and bred in Zambia) and Continental (worked and lived abroad for many years).

Why now? Well, I retired last year from the Commonwealth Secretariat (ComSec) in London having worked there for 20 plus years. While at ComSec, I travelled the length and breadth of the Commonwealth countries. I tasted fantastic fusions of different dishes from Australia, Tonga, the Caribbean, East, West and Southern Africa. In addition, I have run and managed several workshops and seminars in these different places efficiently and ensuring delegates, facilitators and guests experience a professionally managed provision.

My children’s friends, nieces and nephews have been encouraging me to do this professionally for many years. Every time, I cooked at home for special occasions, the food never went to waste.  I recall my niece who was eight years old at that time, she is now a sweet sixteen, asking me to come to Nigeria and start cooking for people and assuring me I will make a lot of money! Indeed out of the mouth of babes! Well, we have just started and the money has not started rolling in as yet, but watch this space for our success story! Already the orders are coming in for private meetings, home delivery and landmark birthday celebrations.

Every aspect of our lives blossoms at different times. Now that I have retired, my mind is focused on cooking and I am enjoying the running around of sourcing the ingredients and buying various items to enable me run a professional catering outfit. There are a lot of Caterers out there who are doing fantastic things, but I want to be different from the mass production of preparing food for the sake of preparing food. I want to be known for my wholesome, delicious and unusual dishes that I prepare for those intimate gatherings, as well as providing an efficient service for the large social events, catered for on special request.

The aim of Chilli & Spice is to bring professionalism to the way we handle your orders and functions such that when they are over, you, our clients will be singing our praises for the way you have enjoyed the different aromas, presentations, service etc.

My salads are legendary!  The pasta bake tongue-biting. You might even venture for the Nshima and pumpkin leaves stew. You don’t know what you are missing. Give us a try and you will not regret your decision!

Contact me and my Team and let us see if we cannot convince you to love our dishes!

Ciao for now!